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In this Episode of the 'Road 2 Nurburgring' we start our day with a tour of the Nurburg Castle which overlooks the race track and village. A short walk from the castle your will find the Nurburgring Boulevard and Ring-Werk, a museum dedicated to the 'Green Hell'. Then, we strap ourselves in to a prepared track car and try not to crash, as we drive 2 laps of the famous Nordschleife.

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Join us this week for an in depth review of one of Lexus' premium flagships - the RC-F. From its monstrously powerful V8 engine, to its unique styling cues, we look at Lexus' answer to the German dominated Luxury Sports Coupe segment. Does this Japanese muscle car have what it takes to make the boffins from AMG, ///M, and Audi feel uncomfortable in their Lederhosen? It's time to find out...

After months of browsing through wheel designs, offset measurements, colour options, and tyre widths, my custom made BC Forged HCS04S 2-piece wheels are finally ready to go on to the car. Huge shout out to John @johnfowlerautosport for all his help and guidance on getting this fitment bang on.
After nearly 12 months of ownership, it's time to look at 5 likes and dislikes of my Lexus RC-F. Will I be keeping this car, or is it time to move on? Stick around at the end of the video to find out the details of an upcoming trip to Germany - especially for the automotive enthusiast.

As much as I love to admire the magnificent machinery of others, there is a special place in my fuel injected heart for modifying and personalising my own vehicles.....and so it begins!

Every year the guys at RAMP Auto Group pull together an epic meet and cruise for not only their customers, but for all lovers and owners of European based modified cars (they let the odd stray in as well). We went along to check out some of the awesome machinery and cruise up the picturesque Western Australian coastline.
We tag along with some of the super friendly guys and girls from the Perth VW Group as they tear up the mountain roads and out in to the country to discover some beautiful locations, before stopping in Dwellingup for a bite to eat.

This months Classic Cars & Coffee lined up with the Aston Martin National Rally which saw over 50 Aston Martin's arrive from all over the country. We also had motoring highlights from McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and many more.

What an absolutely immense turn out there was for the June Custom Cars & Coffee meet, and with this ranking in as the biggest meet yet, there was something here for everyone. The streets of the Perth Motorplex became lined with everything from Exotics to Hot Rods, Aussie muscle through to Japanese missiles.
I take my Exige S out to stretch it's legs on its very first country cruise, as I join Club Lotus WA on their 'Early Morning Run'. This was was an opportunity to let loose all 350 of its supercharged V6 horsepowers and relish in that famous Lotus handling.
We are back at the Classic Cars & Coffee meet - the first for 2018 - and it did not disappoint! A huge selection of classic and exotic cars filled the car parks at UWA and the coffee was brewed to perfection. This month we are trying something different, featuring some of the people behind these amazing machines.
I received an invitation to take part in a Formula Vee promotional day to come up to Barbagello Raceway and get behind the wheel of one of these awesome little the video for my reaction! Massive thanks to Myles Lockett for letting me pedal his immaculate Formula Vee around the Barbagello Race Track.

This weekend saw the annual Paul Walker Memorial cruise held in Perth. We went along to see what happens when you cram hundreds of modified cars into a carpark with only 2 exits....the boys in blue decided to check it out as well! What could possibly go wrong?

20m worth of rare and exotic cars descended on the Cottesloe Civic Centre gardens in a Celebration of the Motorcar and we were there to catch a glimpse of so many childhood poster cars. The event had it all covered from a Renault Twizy to the show-stopping Ferrari LaFerrari.

Episode 1 - Heidelberg - Brazzeltag!

Follow me, in this 5 part series, as I dart around Germany on a 10 day lightning tour of some of the lesser known Automotive Enthusiast locations, on our way to the famous Nurburgring. Watch as I discover classic car museums, festivals, karting tracks, whacky car themed hotels, and race tracks.

Episode 2 - Motorworld, Boblingene - V8 Hotel - McLaren 600LT Taxi Laps!

Follow me, in this 5 part series, as I dart around Germany on a 10 day lightning tour of some of the lesser known Automotive Enthusiast locations, on our way to the famous Nurburgring. Watch as I discover classic car museums, festivals, karting tracks, whacky car themed hotels, and race tracks.

Every year, motoring enthusiasts stream in to Albany to watch insane vehicles race down a runway in an attempt to take the VMax crown - welcome to RaceWars! This year the event stretched over 3 days and combined 400 and 800 meter runs, a hill-climb sprint, and the coveted 1000 meter VMax challenge.
We are BACK! After a couple of weeks off we are jumping right back into it and checking out some of the insane cars at the February Kebabs & Cars - which serves as a pre-meet to RaceWars, which is set to take off next week, down in Albany.
It's time to make the RC-F look just a little bit meaner so I reached out to my friend Andrew at Blue Bat Overlays for some tinted tail light vinyl and some carbon fibre vinyl for the front fenders. I also popped my Plasti Dip cherry and tried to smoke my rear emblems - may have cocked that one up!
Despite years of amateur racing, I've never had the opportunity to drive in anger on anything other than, all that changed, as we head out to Rally School Perth! After quickly being told to forget everything I'd learnt on the tarmac, it was time to strap into the real deal, inhale some dust, and place a whole lot of trust in my amazing instructor.....and that was BEFORE the hot-lap!
As we leave the craziness of Christmas behind and the food coma's start to subside, it's time to say goodbye to 2018 - and what better way than with one of the biggest turnouts to Classic Cars & Coffee. With over 650 Classic, European, Exotic and Rare cars packed in to the UWA carparks, there was something there for everyone.
Remember the excitement as a young kid when you found an abandoned block of land and could skid your bikes all over it without getting in trouble? Well, THIS is the adult version! Chuck on ya Blundstones, grab a dirty pair of jeans, and don't even bother doing your hair.....we're going Backyard Rally Racing.
After 6 months of ownership I finally get the Lotus out in to it's natural habitat. We are back at Barbagallo Raceway for a 'Come and Try' day which allows any street car to jump on to the track to see what man and machine can do.
Installing a HID kit is easy, they said. It'll be fun, they said!! After a few bumps along the DIY path, and a new found appreciation for how difficult it is to make a DIY vlog, I actually managed to do a half descent job of getting some HID's in to replace the woeful Lotus factory headlight bulbs.
The last Classic Cars & Coffee for 2017 was an epic way to finish the year. With one of the biggest turnouts yet, the show was packed to the brim with classic, exotic, rare, and amazing cars. I went for a walk through the shimmering chrome and the beautiful curves to capture a taste of what was on offer.

The final Custom Cars & Coffee for 2017 took place in the motorsport infused grounds of the Kwinana Motorplex. A huge variety of customised cars were on show, and as a first for the event, the quarter-mile was opened up for contestants to see what their amazing machines could do.